“Honey, I’m going to the store, you want to come?” I swear this simple request from my wife would send me into a complete state of panic. Questions would start racing through my mind like “Where are we going? Is there anyplace there that I can sit down if I need to? How big a store is it? How am I going to carry anything? Do they have motorized scooters I can use to get around? What if all the scooters are being used? What if the scooters won’t hold someone my size? How do I GET to the scooter from the car if there even is one available?” By the time I was done trying to answer all of these questions in my mind, my wife normally had gone to the store, bought what she needed, and come home!

Nova Mighty Mack Rolling Walker Blue

nova mighty mack rolling walker

I searched all over for something that might help me get out of the house without all these fears. The problems I ran into were finding something that was both strong enough to support my weight, yet light enough to take in and out of my car. Something that I could use to walk with and yet sit on in comfort if my legs started to get weak. And something that wasn’t going to cost me a ridiculous amount of money. In stepped The Nova Mighty Mack Rolling Walker.

What to Look for When Buying a Rolling Walker

  • How much weight can it hold?
  • Does it fold up?
  • How wide is the seat?
  • How heavy is it to lift in and out of a car?
  • How wide is it to fit through doorways?
  • Does it come with large wheels and hand brakes?
  • What accessories does it come with?
  • Does it have a back rest?
  • Does it include a warranty?

How much weight can it hold, does it fold up and how wide is the seat?

The Mighty Mack supports up to a 600lb. weight capacity, making it by far the most Heavy Duty rolling walker in its class. It was built to accommodate people who are anywhere from 5’5” to just over 6’0” in height. The Nova Mighty Mack 4216 Rolling Walker also offers up an oversized (14” x 20”) padded seat which is two inches wider than any similar so-called “oversized” product.  We all know the reality of just how much difference those two inches can mean for actually being able to fit on it and sit down in comfort. In the case of the Mighty Mack Rolling Walker they’ve managed to provide this generous extra two inches of seating still while keeping the overall dimensions down so it will fit through most doorways in your home and folds easily into the trunk of your car.

How heavy is it to lift in and out of a car and how wide is it to fit through doorways?

Folded Nova Mighty Mack Rolling Walker with SeatTypically when obese people are shopping for a rolling walker with a seat we have to choose between something that is ridiculously heavy and clunky to move around with making it impractical for using to leave your home, or something that just wasn’t designed for our special needs and ends up breaking. In fact, many manufacture’s idea of a bariatric appropriate walker is downright impossible to maneuver through doorways or around a corner even in the average constructed home. What really struck me as fabulous about this product is it solves BOTH of these problems! No need to sacrifice heavy-duty for heavy-weight. You can have both a light-weight (overall weight is just 24 lbs.) easy to fold (Overall dimensions folded – 33″l x 28″w x 11″d), breeze to maneuver rolling walker that you can take with you anywhere and feel confident knowing it’s going to hold up!

Does it come with large wheels and hand brakes?

The Nova Mighty Mack rolling walker has 8 inch wheels and locking hand brakes for safety. That is exactly what makes this Mighty Mack so great! With these two features you are set to go on just about any surface or terrain. You won’t have to worry about the jarring aches and muscle stiffness that all that lifting and stretching with the old-fashioned walkers cause because you can smoothly glide forward while still getting all the support you need!

What accessories does it come with and does it have a back rest?

After having rented, purchased, and researched dozens of other brands and models I realized I was seeing a trend. Most companies seem to sell only the basic product and then they try to get you to spend more money on things they consider convenience add-ons. Well, I enjoy having optional accessories to choose from for my products and the Nova Mighty Mack rolling walker has plenty of those as well. But I do think some things should come standard, I mean a basket is necessary when both hands are required to remain on the walker. This seemed obvious to me, and so did it apparently to the makers at Nova. There is also a backrest, but not everyone prefers having one. They’ve thought of that too. This one is easily removable, leaving your options for comfort up to you.  Also the Nova Mighty Mack pleasantly surprised me in that both safety reflectors and a generously sized (16″w x 6″l x 10″d ) wire basket are included with the purchase price. As I mentioned, you can also accessorize with additional options such as cup-holders, bags, trays, basket covers, and flashlights. But I really like that the basket and safety reflectors were considered standard and included for no additional price.

What is the return policy and does it include a Warranty?

This product is purchased directly through Amazon and comes with a complete 30 day return policy using Amazon’s online return center.  The product also comes with a LIFETIME limited warranty from the manufacturer!

How much should yNova Mighty Mack Rollator in Redou expect to pay?

A couple of notes of interest I found on researching this walker. I checked the manufacture’s website and their MSRP is $495.00. But you really shouldn’t be paying more than $300 for this product.  The cheapest I have seen it is on Amazon who consistently sell this Nova Mighty Mack rolling walker for under $265 new.

What Others Are Saying

  • “Better than advertised….sturdy and well-made”
  • “The Mighty Mack is built for a big man. It’s stable, mobile and good-looking to boot.”
  • “Holds up well to heavy outdoor use and under harsh conditions.”
  • “The manufacture does not suggest using it as a transportation device but I’ve found it works just fine for me since I can’t afford a motorized scooter or wheelchair”
  • “Very nice to have the color choice between blue or red.”
  • “Having looked at many walkers, I have found this to be the best. It has the largest seat and the removable back rest is nice.”

Any complaints?

A word of caution. The only negative I could find in all the research and personal experience I’ve had with this product is there are just some doors that are more narrow that others. If you are trying to take a 36 inch walker through a 32 inch doorway you are always going to have to fold it up and push it through first before you keep walking. We bigger people are typically used to that. We’ve had to live most our lives having to adjust our bodies to fit certain situations. This product does cover the overwhelming majority of issues we face, but there is no solution for narrow doorways and extra-wide equipment.

Where Can You Buy the Nova Mighty Mack Rolling Walker with 600lb Capacity?

You can buy this Nova rolling walker from Amazon.  At the moment they are offering free shipping options and from what I can tell when comparing prices with other online merchants, Amazon does have the best deal.  You can see this product on Amazon here.

Where Can You Read More Reviews for the Nova Mighty Mack Rolling Walker with 600lb Capacity?

The best place for reviews from people who actually use the product is Amazon.  Click here to read more.

Here’s a video by Nova, the manufacturer of this Mighty Mack Rolling Walker, which teaches you how to pick the right rolling walker for you!