Weight Loss Surgery is Not the Cure for Morbid Obesity.

weight loss surgery is not the cure for morbid obesityIf you have read My Story, then you know that I am a weight loss surgery failure.  But is this really true?  Am I the failure or is the actual surgery a failure?  More and more people are having weight loss surgery and then putting the weight, or most of it, back on.  Why do you think this is?  Because doctors and surgeons are treating the symptoms and not the disease.  They are not looking at the reasons WHY people become morbidly obese in the first place.

Now there are some people for whom morbid obesity is simply in their genetic coding.  Their bodies just store fat and energy differently and their metabolisms work slowly.  For them, weight loss surgery can work because it is solving the problem that’s causing their obesity.  But most of us that are obese got this way because we have some other mental or behavioral conditioning that leads us to over eat.  It could be depression or anxiety or bad coping skills or whatever. Having surgery is not going to fix these problems.  There was a study done a couple of years ago that showed people who had bariatric surgery were more prone after the surgery to become addicted to other things like gambling, smoking or even sex. If it is in your mental makeup to use something, whether it be food or an activity, as a weigh of coping with life, then weight loss surgery is a failure.

Is Weight Loss Surgery For Morbid Obesity Necessary?

by Reas Johnson

Do we really need weight-loss surgery to deal with morbid obesity? Is surgical treatment for morbid obesity necessary or even important?

With the rapid increase in the number of cases where people are extremely overweight, weight-loss surgery has become a more common place procedure. More and more private clinics have sprung up in recent years in anticipation of the obesity epidemic that is beginning to take hold. From a situation that was once considered rare, extreme obesity has now become an everyday aspect of our lives.

But how are we dealing with the increasing incidences of morbid obesity? Weight-loss surgery has become one of the most powerful means of dealing with morbid obesity. But shouldn’t the surgical treatment of the condition should be a last resort? After all it is an invasive procedure that can lead to unforeseen complications. It is a procedure that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Also, weight-loss surgery treats the condition (to a degree) after is has happened, it in no way acts to prevent it from developing.

Before weight-loss surgery we should think about the root causes of why people get extremely overweight in the first place. Why do people get themselves to a state where they are carrying more than 100 pounds of excess weight? For them to be able to so eat excessively, food must be freely available and easy to attain. The problem is that cheap, poor quality foods are too easy to get hold off. Also people are leading less physically demanding lives. Work for many often involves sitting at a desk for 8-10 hours. Technology has also contributed to the increased incidence of morbid obesity, by making a lot of everyday physically demanding jobs that we would have had to do ourselves easier to do.

Culturally, things have to change. While some of the root causes persists more and more people become morbidly obese and more and more clinics that treat those that are very obese spring up.

Unfortunately, weight-loss surgery has become a necessary treatment. Individuals rarely loose substantial amounts of excess weight through the more traditional means of diet and exercise. In fact only a measly 5% of individuals that try this method actually end up losing the required weight.

Weight-loss surgery is often the only way morbidly obese individuals can actually lose their excess weight before it begins to become a serious problem. Weight-loss surgery is necessary but this is an unfortunate fact. It is the final solution to a problem that can be cured and should be cured from the root causes upwards.

Morbid Obesity
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I found a video made by a person who is very similar to myself and explains the vicious cycles facing people who are fighting morbid obesity.  Warning: Adult language used in this video.  Also all of the views expressed are not necessarily those of the author’s of this website. Meaning myself.

I am going to be following up Weight Loss Surgery is Not the Cure for Morbid Obesity in much more detail in future blog posts.  Make sure to follow my feed or check back here to see what I discover.



Weight loss surgery is not the cure for morbid obesity



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